Terms and conditions​


All our prices include boxes.

The price is exclusive VAT. If the customer does not have a VAT registration within EU, we have to put on the Danish VAT on 25%.


We always send 2% eggs free of charge.


Unless anything else is agreed on order confirmation, payment must be on our account before shipment of eggs or birds from our address.

Payment must be effected by bank transfer.

If we do not receive the payment as agreed, the Invoice will be Charged with 2% per month.


Unless anything else is agreed, we always ship the egg on Mondays and the eggs will be delivered within the same week.

Even though the eggs are delayed it does not provide reasons for the buyer to cancel or refuse the order.

In case of any damage on the goods, the buyer is responsible to claim it on the delivery note and to send the information directly to us, if possible accompanied with pictures.

Any claim on birds must be made at once on delivery to the drivers. We cannot accept any claim after the drivers have left the delivery place.

There are no legal reasons to refuse to receive the birds on the agreed delivery address or place. Once the truck has left our address, it is buyers' responsibility to be ready to receive the birds.

Any cancellation must be made before shipment of the eggs or birds from our address.


We will always do our best to meet any promised delivery date and quantity. If we are forced to change any delivery date or if we are not able to deliver any confirmed quantity, we can nevertheless not be held responsible for any non-income customers may have.

We do hope for our customers understanding that we are dealing with live birds and therefore not always is in charge of the situation.


The eggs and birds will be controlled by the Danish State veterinary and will be supplied with the TRACE health certificate issued by the same authorities.


We guarantee 80% of fertility.

Please be aware that the guaranty is for fertility and not for hatching. It is important to lighten the eggs after one week in the incubator to see the fertility of the eggs.


We must receive any claim of eggs within 14 days from the date of delivery. You must keep the eggs for control until claim is approved by us.

Any kind of claim for live birds, we must receive directly to the drivers at the delivery.

It is not possible to refuse to receive any eggs or birds already send from us.


In case of Force Majeure, such as Strikes, lockout, Outbreaks of diseases, Veterinary prohibition, War and other unforeseen accidents , even if we have not beforehand taken special reservation in any such case, we take the usual accepted reservations.

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