Scandinavian Pheasant​

(Phasianus colchicus)

We raise about 15.000 Scandinavian pheasant for the Danish marked only.

We prefer the old type of Scandinavian Pheasants, as it is not so big, but very fast.

There are only three breeders left in Denmark, who still have the pure Scandinavian pheasant.

We have decided not to have the eggs layers ourselves anymore as we have an agreement with the very best Danish breeder to have all their eggs.

We use most of them to our own production and we sell the rest for the European marked.

We also have the possibly to supply with eggs from the other two breeders of pure Scandinavian Pheasants, if we need more eggs for exports.

We have been dealing with these farms through generations and we can guarantee for the very best quality.

Therefore we are happy to be able to offer the best quality of Danish pheasant eggs.​

✔️Many years of experience

✔️own farm

✔️Family business

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Telefon: 86 88 32 13