We can offer you Red (alectoris Rufa) and Grey partridges (Perdix Perdix).

On our own farm, we have almost 3000 pieces of grey egg laying hens, which produce about 200.000 eggs each year. We also have some few Red laying hens.

We use a great part of it ourselves for our own production of chickens, but we also sell a lot for export.

We also have agreements with some few special chosen Danish farms, who supply us further with eggs and chickens for export. They also have the same high quality of eggs and birds as our own farm.

We only sell the pure Old Danish type of grey partridge.

The Red partridges, we have imported to Denmark in the beginning of the 90.

It is important for us always to deliver strong, good flying and full feathered birds, maintaining the wild bird instinct, and as close to the natural bird as possible.

Our farm is not as big as other European farms, but we have at least 30 years of experience with breeding high quality of partridges.

For us quality and animal welfare is more important than quantity.

We choose our egg laying birds very carefully. We make sure that the birds are not too big or too small as both are not desirable.

We want our bird to be strong, well flying, all in the same medium size, and have a high ability of reproduction.

We carefully check each single bird by hand before the shipment from our farm.

On our farm, we have a high animal welfare, as we have a very strict Danish regulation for breeding of game birds.

We can therefore offer you a high quality of strong birds, normally from 10 weeks old.

For bigger quantity, minimum 5000 pieces, we can deliver them with our own truck within Northern Europe.

You can also decide to pick up the birds from our farm yourselves.

We take all the requested blood test required for trade in Europe.

All the birds that leave our farm have had a treatment for worms.

The birds are always controlled by our state veterinary before shipment from Denmark.

The boxes are all marked with CHR no, which always make it possible to secure the traceability.

We are member of the Danish organization for breeding of game birds.

✔️Many years of experience

✔️own farm

✔️Family business

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