The hens are put in the egg laying unit in the month of January or February. It always depends on the weather, when we decide to put them out.

The start of the egg laying season is also very depending of the weather. We do use light, but not more than it will be natural with the weather too.

The egg laying units is in open houses, where they are put together in pairs. Each pairs has a place in one end with sand and food. The unit is 45 x 50 x 150 cm. In total 6750 cm2 per couple. The upper is in soft material, which makes sure that the birds will not be harmed if, the fly against it.

We collect the eggs two times a day. The eggs are carefully sorted, washed and disinfected, before they are put in either Hatching or exports boxes.

For export, all Red and grey eggs are packed in Styrofoam boxes, which protect the eggs carefully during transport.


We do not have any egg laying Pheasants ourselves anymore.

We have a very exclusive agreement with some suppliers of pheasant eggs, who has delivered eggs for our own production of pheasants during many years.

They have the very best quality of the pure Scandinavian Pheasant. There are only few farms left in Denmark, who still have this Old Scandinavian type.

This bird is very strong, fast and well flying. They have a medium size.

The egg laying facilities for pheasants are on the ground either in volieres where each male have 25 hens or in very big open fens with 200 hens and males flying in and out.

The eggs are collected to times a day and are carefully sorted, washed and disinfected. They are put in either hatching or export boxes.

For export pheasants eggs are packed in card board boxes.


The eggs for export will always be controlled by the State veterinary before shipment. He or she will sign and issue the veterinary document which will follow the eggs to the destination.

All our breeding hens are vaccinated against New Castle disease and are blood tested for Salmonella Pullorum and Gallinarum as well as Avian Influenza.

All Red and Grey eggs are packed in Styrofoam boxes and Pheasants eggs are packed in cardboard boxes

There are packed with:

  • 510 pieces of grey eggs in each box
  • 340 pieces of red eggs in each box
  • 540 pieces of Pheasant eggs in each box​​

All the eggs are stamped with the CHR no. of the farm to secure the traceability.

We always send 2% free of charge.

We guarantee 80% of fertility.

For export all Red and grey eggs are packed in Styrofoam boxes which protect the eggs carefully during transport.

Normally, the eggs are shipped from our farm Monday morning and will be delivered to the customer within Friday same week.

For most destinations, we send by plane, but we also use delivery by truck when possible.

We use the well established transport company DSV for most of the deliveries.

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