Veterinary Status​

​All the eggs and boxes with chickens who leaves our address are marked with CHR number to secure the knowledge of the origin of the eggs and chickens.

In Denmark, we have a very high veterinary status. We are controlled by the State veterinary Authorities. We do not have many of the common bird diseases from southern Europe.

We vaccinate all our hens against New Castle Disease and we take several blood tests for Avian Disease.

We also blood test for Salmonella Pullorum and Gallinarum.

We give all our bird a treatment for worms before delivery to our customers.

The most important thing for the high veterinary status is our cleaning program. We wash the stables very carefully and we disinfect everything before use. All people who enter the chicken facilities must disinfect hands and shoes before entering.

We also have a very cold winter with a long period with degrees below zero. That also helps us to exterminate many diseases.

We use as little medicine as possible, to secure that the birds is not resistant for treatment with anti biotic.​

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