We choose our breeders among the best and strongest partridges.

We want them to be strong and healthy. They must have a medium size and most important they must be well flying and fast.

Off cause they also have to have a high ability of reproduction, therefore the eggs must have a high fertility.

In January /February, we put the breeders in the egg laying units.

All of our breeders are vaccinated against New Castle disease and blood tested for the requested diseases for trading within EU.

According to the Danish law, a laying unit for partridge must be at least 6750 m2, 45 cm breadth and 50 cm. High. At least 1/3 of the bottom area must consist of sand. And the rest shall be of netting, not more than 1 x 1/2 inch. The unit must be provided with a material, which consist the wind and a roof that always keep the sand dry. But it must still not cover more than ¾ of the cage. And the netting in the top must be of a soft material, which does not harm the birds.

They only stay in those units until end of June where they stop laying eggs. Then they are put back in the ground.

Afterwards, most of them are sold for the Danish market.

We start to have the first chickens of partridges in the beginning of May. We have around 12.000 pieces in each hatch.

In the first 3-4 weeks, they stay inside in a warm house, where we take very good care of them.

After that, we move them to another house and they are starting to go outside in flying pens every day, until they are ready to sell.​

We feed them inside but also outside on the ground, so that they will learn to find the food outside.

The people who take care of the birds together with our selves have been working for us in many years.

They all have very high skills and are very experienced. They understand the importance of using their eyes, nose and ears, when they take care of birds.

In Denmark, we have had a law since 1995 which is very strict. We are often controlled by the state veterinary and we have a lot of rules.

Some of them are as following:

We are not allowed to put in rings in the peak at all.

The game birds must attempt access to flying pens

We are not allowed to give them any kind of medicine in advance. Only when the vet has diagnosed a disease, we can have medicine to give to them. That means that our birds are extremely healthy.

We have sort out a code of practice for every detail in producing game birds and everything makes it a very healthy bird and we now have a very high animal welfare.​

✔️Many years of experience

✔️own farm

✔️Family business

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