Our hatchery is mainly run by the Farther of John. He has at least 40 years of experience of hatching game birds. He enjoys being in charge of the hatchery and are having excellent results.

We have used the Italian machines ViCTORIA for many many years and are very satisfied with them. They always supply top quality chicks of Game Birds.

They are all computer controlled for ventilation, temperature, turning and humidity.

We put in the eggs in the incubator every Thursdays. The eggs stay there for 21 days before they are moved to the hatchers for another 3 days.

Every Tuesday the chicks are hatched.

Between two hatches the machines are cleaned and disinfected very carefully as it is extremely important to keep a high hygiene in the hatchery.​

✔️Many years of experience

✔️own farm

✔️Family business

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CVR: 28480989


Mail: mj@duelund.nu

Telefon: 86 88 32 13