All our Red and Grey partridge eggs are packed in Styro-foam boxes. The pheasant eggs are packed in card board trays.

The details for each box of eggs are:

Grey partridge egg 510 pieces per box 8 kilo 33x33x33 cm

Red partridge eggs 340 pieces per box 8 kilo 33x33x33 cm.

Pheasant eggs 540 pieces per box 21 kilo 36x31x59 cm.

We always send them with the recommended transport company DSV AIR or DSV road.

We always send them from our farm Monday morning after the state veterinary has controlled the eggs.

They will be delivered in the same week within Friday, if not anything else has been agreed.


We deliver all our birds with our own truck. We have been delivering partridge all over northern Europe for many years. We always use very experienced drivers who know about the birds.

The leading driver has been through a specially education and can handle and transport the animal and give them the necessary care during transport of them.

There will always be two drivers on the truck, so that they will drive non-stop to the destination and in that way shorten the drive to the benefit of the animal.

The truck is special designed to transport live birds and approved for long distances. The side of the truck is possible to roll up and there are two ventilators inside. The ventilators are running during stop and unloading.

We pack the birds with 12 pieces in each box. The boxes are wooden made single time boxes.

We give the bird's one big handful of wet wheat in each box together with straw . That gives the birds both water and food for the journey.​

Before the truck leaves our place the state veterinary will arrive and check the animal and make the TRACE certificate which will accompany the animals to the destination.

We are selling breeding animal and birds for release, therefore it is extremely important that the animal have a nice journey and will arrive to our customers in 100% good condition.

✔️Many years of experience

✔️own farm

✔️Family business

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