Animal Welfare​

In Denmark we have a very strict law since 1995, to secure the animal welfare in the breeding of Game birds.

Here you can see some of the most important regulations:

  • We need to have an education to have permission to breed game birds in Denmark.
  • Since 2002 it has not been allowed in DENMARK to use any biotic in the feed, only for treatment of diseases.
  • Since 2003 it has not been allowed to use any kind of ring or other anti-picking materials besides a little cut.
  • All the eggs are stamped with number of origin and we can always follow the egg back to the farmer.
  • We have a very high veterinary standard. We are free of many common bird diseases.
  • All our hens are vaccinated against Newcastle Disease.
  • According to Danish law, Partridges have the right to be kept in outdoor runs from the age of 4 week. Pheasants from them are only 9 days old.
  • Besides the normal game bird feed, they shall have daily access to feed, they can also find in the nature.
  • Our partridge cages for laying hens are at least 45x50x150 cm., in total 6750 cm2 per couple. 1/3 of the cage is a sandpit.
  • The laying partridge are only kept in these cages for 4 months.
  • Egg laying Pheasant is only allowed to have on the ground in traditional systems.

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