It is our greatest vision to make a high quality of game birds.

We believe that strong, healthy and beautiful animals also are satisfied animals.

We believe, it is very important for our future as animal producers, that we do our things the best possible way.

In the future, there will be more and more interest in the way, we are rearing animals.

Our business needs to be prepared to show the public what we are doing and that we are doing our job well.

In that way, we think it is more important to make few animals in a proper way than just to make a big quantity to be able to make the cheapest price.

It is possible to be a big producer and do it well, but do not ever compromise with the quality and animal welfare, to produce more quantity.

We have had a strict law in Denmark for many years, but in the future other countries will follow.

We are satisfied with our law, as it does consider the animals' well-being and as animal breeders, we enjoy to see happy animals.

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✔️own farm

✔️Family business

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