On our mink farm, we have 4000 female which produce 20.000 skins. We sell all our skins to the Danish auction house KOPENHAGEN FUR.


We also sell breeding animals for other fur farms in Denmark and other European countries.


If it is bigger quantities, we have the possibly to deliver the animals. For all smaller quantities the animal must be picked up at our farm.


We have a very high quality both for the skin quality and reproduction. We care very much about the animal welfare.


We work very much together with other Danish colleagues, always to improve our livestock. We participate in exhibitions, both to improve our skill in sorting the animal and to compare our production with other farmers.


We always follow the new trends within the business and are in top of it.


We use the new equipment both for feeding, management and for pelting.


We follow all the Danish regulations for animal welfare.


It is important always to treat the animal well, both to improve the animal welfare and to improve the quality of the skins and reproduction.



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