Our Farm Midtjysk Vildtfarm is a family business and was founded in 1990 by Marlene and John Papsø.


We have many years of experience, as John is from a 2nd generation game bird breeding family.

In 1990, we bought our own farm, and began raising game birds. At the same time, we had a few female mink on a neighboring mink farm.


Today we have 3000 pairs of partridges, producing about 200,000 eggs yearly. We are raising about 65,000 chicks of grey-legged Partridges per year, some few Red-legged partridges and about 15.000 Scandinavian Pheasants.


We have specialized in grey-legged partridges (Perdix Perdix), but are marketing both Red-legged (Alectoris Rufa) and Pheasant (Phasianus Colchicus) as well.


In 2005, we also founded DUELUND APS, as our selling and export company.



We are also selling eggs and chicks from some other Danish Game farmers as well, but during the past 5 years, we are not so many left in Denmark.


In 1995, we established our mink farm, which today includes 4000 female mink, producing about 20,000 mink pelts per year.


We have our own pelting equipment and we pelt our own mink as well as for 3-4 others farms. In total we are pelting 30.000 skins per year.


We have 6-7 employees to help us on the farms.


We are very active within our organizations. John is member of the Danish Fur breeding association and Marlene is member of the Danish Game Bird Association.

DUELUND APS • Duelundvej 7 • 8620 Kjellerup • Tlf.: 86 88 32 13 •