Welcome to DUELUND APS

DUELUND APS was founded in 2005 as our export company.


We are Danish breeders of high quality of game birds and minks.


Game birds

We are selling eggs of game birds from our own farm Midtjysk Vildtfarm and from other specially chosen Danish farms to all Europe.


We have been breeding patridges and pheasants for at least 30 years.


Our main speciality is live  Red and Grey patridge wich we sell and deliver to the northern part of Europe.


Most of our grown up patridges, we sell for Italy, but we also have other good clients throughout Northern Europe.


Our customers prefer a high quality. It is more important than everything else that the bird is strong and as similar to the wild bird as possible.


We are not very big in quantity compared to other European farm, as the most important thing for us is to be the best in quality.



On our mink farm we have 4000 females.


We have a very high quality and we have many different types of breeders.


We started our mink production in 1990 and all our skins, we sell at KOPENHAGEN FUR Actions house.


We also sell several breeders every year for other farmers.


We hope you will enjoy reading more about, what we are doing on the folowing sites and that you will find it interesting.



DUELUND APS • Duelundvej 7 • 8620 Kjellerup • Tlf.: 86 88 32 13 •